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Pvt. Ltd. makes right use of Instrumentation in Clinical Research which is critical for final outcome of the study.
Spectrophotometer : Measure l, a, b values
VapoMeter : TEWL measurements
MoistureMeter SC : Surface moisture content
MoistureMeter D : Fluid changes in dermis
Skin Gloss Meter : Measure skin shine
SebumScale : Skin surface oil content
Sebumeter : Skin surface oil content
Cutometer : Skin elasticity and firmness
Corneometer : Moisture content measurement
Trichoscan : Phototrichogram for measuring A/T ratio
3-D Fringe Projection : 3D analysis of skin surface, Silicon Imprint Analysis
Spectro photometric Intracutaneous Analysis : Skin Chromophore mapping Melanin, Haemoglobin, Collagen