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Consumers are increasingly concerned with their health and are taking more responsibility for their own health through their diet.  As a result they are seeking more information on the health functionality of foods.  In the highly competitive market place for functional foods there will be foods that have health claims backed up by scientific research which will attract added value.  Many food manufacturers are now looking at how they can add value through promotion of health functionality or modify formulations or processes to optimise health benefits and bioavailability.

Health claims in foods are the subject of new regulations.  The regulations vary from country to country.  Usually health claims are categorised by the degree of scientific efficacy data i.e.;
  1. Anecdotal evidence (lowest level)
  2. In vitro evidence (e.g. bioassay)
  3. In vivo evidence
  4. Clinical trial evidence
The clinical trials in humans are thus increasingly being considered by the food industry to substantiate certain health claims which may be permissible by regulatory bodies. These trials need to be based on well defined protocols and executed under the supervision of nutritionist and qualified medical practitioner. It must also adhere to ethical guidelines / practices as defined from time –to-time by regulatory authorities. The need to execute these trials as per Good Clinical Practices guidelines can not be over emphasized.

We at can meet your requirement through a well defined study design to meet the study objectives. The studies will be executed under supervision of a medical practitioner, nutritionist and medical expert if required.

The study will be executed only after it has been approved by an Independent Ethics Committee.

Some of the prototype protocols which have been designed by the C.L.A.I.M.S TEAM include:

  1. Weight Management
  2. CHD Management
  3. Positive Nutrition
  4. Immunity Study
  5. Glycemic Index
Come to us with your specific requirement and our team at C.L.AI.M.S can take care of the rest…….